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“There’s been several issues with headaches,” Stampian said. School district leaders do not know where the moisture is coming from that’s causing the mold, but they also have not found any signs of mold elsewhere in the building. They say a full building inspection will begin Wednesday. “Every room will be checked, and any mold that is found in any of the rooms will be cleaned,” Wyoming Valley West Superintendent Irvin Deremer said. Donnie Evans is a mold remover with Roof Cleaning Pros. He says if the rest of the building still needs to be inspected, classes should have been canceled on Tuesday. “It’s dangerous,” Evans said. read this post here“It would be a health hazard. You could get sick from it. It could go in your lungs.” Now, the district plans to send middle school students over to the high school starting next week, giving all student half days. High school students will attend class in the morning while middle schoolers will go in the afternoon.

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