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Resunab correspondingly decreased micro-vascular blood flow around the site of inflammation at 4 hours post stimulus. These two phenomena are related to a decrease in the inflammatory activation phase of this model. The investigators also found that Resunab progressively increased micro-vascular flow around the site of inflammation during the early phases of resolution (10-24 hours post stimulus), an event believed to drive an efficient acute inflammatory response and signal its timely resolution. These results are consistent with previous findings from experiments that tested Resunab’s effects in animal models of inflammation and support Resunab’s potential to deliver therapeutic benefit in chronic inflammatory diseases as a first-in-class “pro-resolution” drug. Click here to access a summary of the preliminary data from this study . “These are very exciting data. While conventional immune modulatory agents dampened the signs and symptoms of inflammation, none are curative while most have undesirable side effects; the latter may arise from interfering with the body’s own healing process of resolution. With Resunab, we have a drug which is both anti-inflammatory and pro-resolution. WebsiteWe are particularly excited by these findings and to understand the internal signaling systems used by Resunab that exhibits such a favorable result in humans,” stated Professor Gilroy.

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It is important to get medical help when signs and symptoms prolong when it comes to inflammation of the small intestine, and not to attempt taking medicines on your own. This infection is very serious and can also affect other parts of the body. At times, the fluid can become infected and get filled with pus. Men who indulge in heavy physical activities or any kind of job that causes strong vibrations to the prostate area are more prone to the inflammation. Apart from the painful symptoms, irregular heartbeat and breathing difficulty also show up. But only a few realize that these can be the symptoms of a stomach-lining inflammation. Drink warm liquids at regular intervals to provide the required warmth to the inflamed pharynx. see this pageThe most common and first form of medical treatment given to men who have an inflamed prostate is an administration of antibiotics. Ileocolitis inflammation of the ileum and the colon and Cohn’s granulomatous colitis are types of Cohn’s disease wherein the colon gets inflamed.

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